Tuesday, 18 September 2007

From US Sprees

Abrul Shorts
Brand New from Gojane Spree
Tagged Small
Selling at $35 (the price i got it for)

Brand New from GoJane spree
Out of stock already
Tagged Small
Selling at 16.90

Brand New from GoJane spree
Out of stock already
Selling the one in orange.
Email me for more pictures.
Interested parties please..
Selling at 14.90

Saturday, 20 January 2007


Handmade Ear Studs, Dangling Earrings and Perlini Pendants
Buy any Clothings to get these at a special price of 50 cents each
can be sold separately too!
Email me @ peiying75@hotmail.com for more photos or enquiries.

Friday, 24 November 2006


Brand New Super Cool Faded Jeans.
the whole pair of jeans has been crumpled, scrunched up effect.
which makes it super comrtable to wear in
Around the front and back pockets, there are red and black beads.
its light faded jeans colour
selling at $20
*its retailing at $39

Levis "SUPERIOR" jeans
Limited Edition. no more in stores.
W: 26
Selling at $60

Bossini Pink Coudroy
Waist 25
Selling at $10
All prices are nego.
Meet ups can be arranged.
Interested? Or any enquiries?
Drop me a mail -peiying75@hotmail.com


Brand New Raspberry Pink Gap Bag (Not found in SG stores!)
The 2 front compartments has 2 big cute buttons.
Every buckle/ button has "GAP" on it.
100% Authentic
Very spacious
Selling at $23

Brand New Orange Bag
Wooden handle
For a causal and matches a Simple dress
Enough space for a day out
Selling at $5

Length - 27cm
Breadth - 17cm
Width - 9cm
Handle - 15cm
Mouth - 15cm
more pictures and details at http://mylittlestash.blogspot.com/2007/03/vintage-black.html
Selling at $22

Brand New Orange Hand Bag
Colour closer to the second picture
Plaited Strap makes it very unique
Very spacious
Selling at $12

Sling bag with Shiny flowers Silk cloth
Brand New with zips
Selling at $5

All prices are nego.
Meet ups can be arranged.
Ask me for more photos, measurements, etc!
Drop me a mail -


Brand New checkered Shirt
This shirt is crumpled on its own.
you save the hassle of ironing!!
there are tiny metals studs everywhere. (on 2nd picture)
The checkered has a very vintage and I-AM-WEARING-MY-BF-SHIRT look
Free Size
Selling at $15

Brand New yellow and pink tunics
Very sweet colours.
they have symmertrical length: yellow at the centre and pink at the side.
its quite cool.
free size can fit S-M
Selling at $10 each

Brand NEw white dress
its a wrap dress.
adjustable by tying the ribbon at the waist
Very sweet.. impress guys by wearing this white dress.. like an angel..
Selling at $10

Light denim jeans with embriodary
This is a sweet piece.
great for going out and for lectures..
Selling at $10

White Top with flowers borders
Can be worn as an outer wear as well
Very sweet.
Selling at $10

Brand New Sundress
Great for beach-ing
Selling at $5

Brand New Racer Back
From Cutie Spree
Selling at $10

Brand New translucent top
great for clubbing.
pair it with jeans/mini skirt.. sexy babe..
Selling at $5

Brand New Nike Golf Maroon Polo Tee
Tagged XS (will be able to fit an M)
Will be ironed when sending out
Selling at $10

Slurping Ape Sleeveless Top
Bottom of the top is stretchable (like smocked)
Selling at $10

Brand New Beachy Spag top
Tagged S
Selling at $10

Brand New M)phosis Yellow Spag Top
With a row of buttons at the front its definitely cute
Great for layering too!
Tagged S
Chest - 14.5 inches, Length w straps - 20 inches, Length w/o straps - 15 inches
Selling at $10

Authentic ELLE Sleeveless Top
Brand New
Nice, sharp colours
Tagged S
Selling at $10

Brand New Gio Junior Stripes top
Its sweet..and lovely..
Size 140.. Can fit S - M
Get it at $5

All prices are nego. Meet ups can be arranged.
Interested? Or any enquiries?
Drop me a mail -

shoes/ accessories / misc.

Totally Brand New Brown Boots
It isnt very high so can be worn in singapore and not feel hot =D
It has nice embriodary at the sides and you can just easily slip in ur legs
The heels isnt very high too.. very comfortable.
you can look chic and cool in boots in SINGAPORE.
size 6
Selling at $20

Brand New Furry shoes
Never worn before. Size 37
it is cream in colour (not white)
Super furry with a fur ball at the front ..Ultra cute..
It has a little heels. not very high.. comfortable walking..
Mitsju was selling at $22.90 for this similar pair. (but not in store anymore)
i am selling at $15

BRAND NEW GOONG Bunny Earrings
They are ultra cute and they are FURRRYYY!
Selling at $5

Brand New Light pink beads
Selling at $2

Brand New Wooden Bracelets
Can be worn up to your arm
The flowers are painted on.
One in pink and one in purple.
Selling both at $2

Brand New Colourful Striped Ring
The colours are really sweet.
Selling at $2

Brand New Orange Chicken Charm
Multi-purpose: bag charm, key chain, hp strap, bracelet, necklace, etc.
Selling at $2

Brand New Nautical Bracelet
Red and white =D
Match it with the upcoming NATIONAL DAY!
Stretchable and free size
Selling at $3

Brand New Pink Bracelet
Adjustable and free size.
Sweet to match the summer colours
Selling at $2

Brand New Candy Beads from Phuket
Can be a necklace or bracelet.
The colours are bright and sweet.
Selling at $2

Brand New Piggy Earrings
They are so cute!
The one on the left is more pinkish, and the right is more beigey.
Selling at $3

4 pairs of ear studs!
(L to R)
1) Red Hexagon stud
2) Big Beige stud with gold trimmings
3) Round Green studs
4) Oval Pearlie studs

Brand New charms.
Can be used at bag charm, hp charm, key chain, necklace..etc.
Both has a butterfly and a lock attached and a little white pearl at the tip
Sweet colours!
Selling at $2 each.

Brand New S&K brown belt
Tagged S
Selling at $2

Brand New Nautical Belt (stretchable)
Can be used as waist belt or normal belt.
Wear it with dress to stand out.
Selling at $4

Brand New Elegant Pearl Earrings
Great for dinner and a causal day out
Not found in Singapore
Selling at $2

Brand New Mickey mouse Earrings
Red mickey can be detached, if you just feel like wearing the black hoops.
Not found in Singapore
Selling at $2

Yin and Yang Loops
Blue and Red. SPECIAL!
very sweet cos the flowers are painted on.
Selling at $2

Black and white necklace
Brand New
Selling at $2

Special Jay Album (Qi Li Xiang)
Come with a special Metal Box
Quote your price

5566 Album
Quote your price

Brand New Diamonte Necklace
Comes with a box!
Great present!
Selling at $10
2 BRAND NEW beaded purses
can easily fit cards
L: 4" B: 4.8"
selling at $2 each
Both at $3

2 BRAND NEW nautical Charms
Can be for necklace or key chains or bag charms
Selling black for $2
Both at $3

All prices are nego.
Meet ups can be arranged.
Interested? Or any enquiries?
Drop me a mail -